Welcome to the MATTgameWorld Website!

The MATTgameWorld website is ALL about games! We have game servers for people to play. We also have a forums to help people and chat. We have a donation store for you to donate for ranks for the Minecraft Server. Don't have minecraft? Well, we are planning to add a section where you can donate using paypal. Donations helps us alot so we can have more servers and better plugins for our servers. So, lets see what our website has in store for you!


You can chat with your friends in our Discord Group. You can also chat with the people in the Minecraft Server. We also planning to work on the Discord Group later.


We have a Minecraft Server for people to play in. In the forums you can do ban appeals and do feedback. The Minecraft Server for now is ONLY survival. Meaning that there's no MINIGAMES expect for Mob Arena

Garry's Mod

We are planning to make Garry's Mods Servers later on.